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Circuit Training

When you want an exercise routine that helps you hit your fitness goals and keeps you entertained, go for circuit training. By doing a series of exercises back to back, with limited breaks, you save time and don't have a lot of time to get bored.

Literally thousands of variations of circuit training are possible. Once you understand the fundamentals of circuit training, use your creativity and workout goals to develop your own class routine.

If you know the basics of how to put together a circuit training class, you can then put your own spin on the workout. The foundation of a circuit training class includes planning.

Themed Circuits
Themed circuits can be a fun way to keep a class motivated and interested. Themes may be serious or cheeky, but they're always effective.

Military Boot Camp: Make stations consist of exercises you'd experience in military boot camp, such as push-ups, pull-ups and burpees.

Around-the-World Circuit: Ask class members to do exercises named after different countries, such as Russian twists, Romanian deadlifts and French presses.

Olympic Circuit: Take exercises from several sports, for example boxing jabs, long jumps and soccer taps.

Leg Day Circuit: Include exercises that emphasize the butt, thighs and calves, such as back squats, deadlifts and jump lunges.

Upper-Body Circuit: Make this circuit blast your back, chest, arms and shoulders with rows, presses, lat raises, dips and curls.

Core Circuit: Go for stabilizing, twisting and crunching moves, such as bicycle crunches, stability ball planks, supermans and side bends.

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